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SUPER PC | 10 Display Workstation | 4U Rackmount Computer | 3rd Gen Intel Core i7 CPU
10 Monitors Supported by one Workstation!

SUPER PC | Ten Monitor Computer System
  • 3.7Ghz Intel Core i7 CPU (3.9Ghz Turbo)
  • 16GB of DDR3 PC17200 (2133Mhz) Memory
  • 2.5GB DDR3 AMD Radeon HD 5450 Graphics
  • 500GB SSD (Solid State) Operating Drive
  • 1,000GB SATAIII 7200RPM Storage Drive
  • Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit with DVD Disc
  • 16x CD/DVD/RW + 12x BluRay Reader Drive
  • All-In-One Digital Media Card Reader/Writer
  • 7 + USB 2.0 Ports & 6 x USB 3.0 Ports
  • 2 x eSATA Ports & 1 Optical S/PDIF Port
  • Ethernet LAN Network & Wireless LAN Card
  • 2560 x 1600 Max. Resolution Per Screen
  • Plug and Play up to 10 DVI Displays at once
  • 7.1 Channel 24-bit Audio (2 Front Inputs)
  • Premium 1,000 Watt Modular Power Supply
  • FireWire 400 IEEE 1394 Card with 1 Port
  • Wireless Multimedia Keyboard and Mouse
  • Powered Desktop Stereo Speaker System
  • 2 Year Warranty (Covers Parts and Labor)
Our Price: $3,388.00

Availability:: Usually Ships in 5-7 Business Days
Product Code: SUPERPC1004

Ten Monitor Workstation | Multitasking Computer System

This amazing desktop computer can support
up to 10 displays in the following
three modes: Independent Screen mode, Clone (Mirror) mode, and Full Span.
You can use this machine as a workstation, as a video wall controller, or both.
This advanced computer system allows you to run all 3 screen modes at once!
Independent Mode: Using monitors individually for viewing different tasks
Clone/Mirror Mode: Duplicating the same picture on two or more displays
Full Span Desktop: Stretching a window across all screens for a large view

4th Generation Intel Core i7 Quad Core Technology: This powerful ten monitor system utilizes the latest in CPU processing technology to provide you with the incredible speed and advanced stability that you deserve!
This X79 Chipset (Socket LGA 2011) desktop machine is virtually a personal super computer that will be able to handle just about any task you can throw it's way. Welcome to the cutting edge of computing!

For use as a Workstation and Monitor Wall Computer: This powerful system can be utilized in both independent screen mode and full span monitor wall mode. In fact, you can use both modes at the same time! Simply drag your window to any screen and click the "maximize" button to fill that screen. To achieve full span across all displays in a video wall format, simply stretch any window across the array! You can even display a large image across all displays, while overlaying smaller independent windows to work from.

Note: This computer is mainly designed for using independent multitasking windows and is not designed for professional video wall setups, where you will use all monitors as one large screen for video. Please see our Video Wall Computers and Video Wall Controllers for true Video Wall performance. This computer system will allow you to stretch windows across all screens and will handle most applications well, such as: Google Earth, Powerpoint, Presentation Software, Charts, and Images. This workstation is not recommended for playing video across all screens, especially for digital signage and professional video wall environments.

It's like using 10 computers, but cooler, because all of the screens are interactive together!

Plug and Play Display Capability:
Our SUPER PC systems have plug and play display capability. All you have to do is plug the monitors into the back of the computer, turn them on, and your displays will become active. You will need to notify the computer of your preferred monitor arrangement in the Display Settings.

What type of monitors or displays will I need? This computer system is designed to support up to 10 Monitors, LCD TVs, Projectors, or any other type of display that supports a DVI connection. If you wish to use VGA monitors, you can purchase an inexpensive DVI to VGA adapter for each VGA display you wish to utilize. You can mix and match any type, resolution, brand, or size of displays if you'd like. However, if you intend to use this system as a Video Wall computer, you will need to have all identical resolution displays.

"I can visually control ten different tasks at once, with just a single mouse and keyboard!"

Configured for Performance and Stability:
All of our SUPER PC computers are expertly manufactured for professional grade computing and durability of life. The problem with your average system, is that the computing hardware is not balanced. Most mainstream PC brands use cheaply made, low wattage power supplies, which cause them to overheat and burn out much more quickly. This is the number one cause of computer failure. We only install premium grade, efficient PSUs, that have more power than your machine needs. This will keep your system running cooler and performing better! We always fasten heat spreaders on all RAM memory modules and install a cooling and ventilation system using multiple large and powerful cooling fans. Since adding more system memory is by far the most cost effective upgrade for performance boost in computing, we make sure our systems are stacked with more than enough memory to handle all of your computer's functions. This will keep you from having to experience frustrating processing bottlenecks!

Premium Quality Hardware and No Cheap Parts:
Unlike the mainstream computer companies, we only use premium brand computer hardware inside of our SUPER PC machines. You won't find cheap aluminum power supplies and other flimsy hardware in our systems. Upon comparison, you can literally see and feel the obvious difference in hardware quality that is on the inside and outside of our extraordinary computers!

I love how I can visually compare different windows and Copy and Paste across the screens!

Access almost any type of Media:
CD, DVD, BluRay, Firewire, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, eSATA,
Compact Flash Card (Type I), Compact Flash Card (Type II), IBM Microdrive, Smart Media Card, Secure Digital Card, Mini SD, MMC 1, MMC 2, RS-MMC, Memory Stick, MS ROM, MS pro, MS Duo, MS pro Duo, MS SELECT, T-FLASH, UltraII CompactFlash, Extreme CompactFlash, Magic Gate, Magic Gate Duo, XD, MicroDrive, and MagicStor.

Unlimited Free Anti-Virus Software:
Your SUPER PC computer will already be equipped with a complete Anti-Virus solution from Microsoft Security Essentials! We recommend this free, yet powerful software for the best performance of your system. We do not recommend using Norton, McAffee, and other mainstream anti-virus software, if you want the best protection and performance for your SUPER PC Windows machine!

No Annoying Trial Software and Updates:
Your SUPER PC computer system will be setup and ready to go! You won't have to spend an hour getting through all the free trial offers and windows updates just to get started! Our premium computers are built on demand, so you will already have the latest updates installed!

Highly Affordable Pricing:
Our unique brand of SUPER PC multi-monitor computers are carefully priced to compete with ordinary higher end computer systems. When you choose us, you get a lot more computer for your money! These days, personal workstations have become so powerful, reliable, and stable, that you are simply eliminating a large part of your computer's full potential, by using only a single display setting.

This System is Recommended for: Stock Traders, Forex Traders, Video Editors, Audio Engineers, Malls, TV Stations, Graphic Designers, Security Systems, Digital Signage, Casinos, Hotels, Airports, News Rooms, Department Store Displays, Trade Shows, Presentation Rooms, Conference Rooms, Command and Control Consoles, Military Operations, Remote Viewing, Online Poker Multi-Tabling, Medical Laboratories, Computer Science Labs, Business Multitasking, Website Management, Flight Simulators, multitasking, and much more!

* Monitors are Not Included (Multi-Screen Displays, Desk Stands, and LCD Mounts are Sold Separately)

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