ATTENTION CUSTOMERS: Due to an overwhelming amount of orders and custom requests, we are temporarily discontinuing our Phone Service
until our new call center is setup and ready. We don't wish to give the appearance that we are not available for our valued customers!
Please E-mail us if you need sales or support assistance, or text us at the number below. We will get back to everyone in a very timely manner!
All customers are welcome to make purchases from the website and the orders will be fulfilled in the expected time period!

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Question: Do you accept orders for custom computer specifications?
Answer: Absolutely! We have instant access to almost any computer part, from any manufacturer! It is impossible to list them all on our website, so we encourage you to e-mail us with any custom order requests. Just click on the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of any page. We will respond on the same or next day with our lowest price quote, along with a Checkout link for when you decide to purchase!
Question: Do I need special skills to set up, or operate a Multi-Monitor Computer?
Answer: No. If you can operate a regular computer, you can use a multi-monitor computer, since they are both controlled by one mouse and keyboard. All you do is plug in your monitors and then enable them in your "Display Settings" Control Panel. You can find our step-by-step Multiple Monitor Setup instructions, located on the left Navigation bar of every page.
Question: Does ship internationally (Outside the USA)?
Answer:  Yes! We ship to most countries in the world. Since there are so many different countries, our shopping cart is not configured for international shipping rates. Currently, our Shopping Cart is only configured for USA and United Kingdom orders. For all other countries, if you would like to get a shipping quote please e-mail us by clicking on the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of every page. Make sure to let us know what items you are interested in purchasing. In general, our multi-monitor computers will cost between $200-$300 to ship internationally, depending on the location. Our Multi-LCD Monitor Arrays will generally cost between $250-$500 for international shipping. Shipping insurance is provided for Free! Please keep in mind that most countries charge import taxes and you may have to pay Import Custom Taxes in order to receive your items. If you need to know your local import tax policies, please contact your country's Customs Agency.
Question: I heard that I can install a Graphics Card into my computer to add extra monitors? Why should I buy a manufactured multi-monitor computer?
Answer: Although that may be the best option for some tech oriented people, most every day computer users do not want to open their computer and risk damaging thier system. Installing a Graphics card is not as easy as it may seem. There are many variables you will need to know when buying a Graphics Card so that it will be compatible and stable with your current computer system. Most Day Traders and Business professionals need an extremely stable system, without all the driver crashes that a novice may get when installing their own Video Cards. Running your business is important and you don't want to lose your work from a software crash that resulted from an improperly configured Graphics System! It's just not worth the risk!! If you want the best quality and stability at a great price, we recommend that you purchase a SUPER PC Multi-Monitor Computer, and leave the technical stuff to us. You will be very glad you did!
Question: I can't afford to buy a new computer. Are there any easy solutions to add an extra monitor without opening my computer to install a new video card?
Answer: Yes! We carry External Video Cards that will allow you to add an extra monitor, using only a USB Port. Just plug the USB adapter into the Computer, and then attatch the Monitor to the Adapter. It's that simple! We carry adapters for VGA and DVI monitors. You can even use multiple adapters to add multiple extra monitors! Click on the Multi-Monitor Adapters link on the left Navigation bar, to see all of our adapters. This solution is not intended for gaming, HD Video, or professional worsktation graphics. Our USB Adapters are perfect for comparing charts, surfing the web, and viewing documents.
Question: What can I expect from after I place my order?
Answer: After your payment has been received, we will always have a real sales person confirm your order and payment via E-Mail, within a couple business hours. We will always keep you updated throughout the entire order process. You will be hearing from us several times, to update you at each interval. Our average Delivery time is 4-5 Business Days. However, please allow up to 7 Business Days for delivery. Shipping Insurance is always Free!  We manufacture each computer in the order it is received. Therefore, your computer may not ship for up to 72 Hours. If it takes longer than 72 Hours to ship, we always ship by Priority Mail (2-3 Days), in order to deliver within the 7 Business Day window. We will supply you with a Tracking Number within 24 Hours after your order has shipped. Thus, you may not receive a Tracking number for 2-4 Days, but your products will still arrive on time! We will always notify you, if there is going to be any delay, over 7 Business Days. Certain items may ship within a quicker timeline, if specifically stated in the product description, or title. We strive to deliver as fast as possible!