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SUPER PC | IT Consulting, Technical Design, & On-site Installation Services
SUPER PC offers consulting and installation services for just about any Information and Technology related project you can conceive. In addition, we have access to priority pricing from most major technology manufacturers! We can supply the consulting, products, and installation for your entire project if needed! We can help turn your tech visions into a reality!
Call us Toll-Free at: 1 (877) 320-8502 Ext. 7014, and speak with one of our IT Experts, for your initial free Consultation!
SUPER PC IT Consulting and Installation Services can turn your tech vision into a reality!

Technical Consulting Overview

  • We can provide a complete design and strategy for your technical projects, including sourcing the best products and software to maximize your ROI.
  • We can provide technical advice and second opinions for expensive tech projects.
  • We specialize in ground breaking technology development and systems. We can help you to design and achieve advanced and original tech goals that would stump most technology companies and experts.
  • We have access to most major manufacturers consulting divisions, so we are able to communicate with the people that know the products the best. This assures that our tech project designs and advice are checked multiple times for compatibility, stability, and ensure proper configuration from the get-go.
  • Our professionals have extensive experience working for and in large offices providing user support, in data centers providing enterprise level server support, as well as industrial and manufacturing environments. We can help you implement technology to streamline your business process from the sales and order entry side, all the way through the manufacturing and shipping processes.
Technology Installation Services
  • Even if youve purchased your equipment elsewhere, we will gladly assist you with getting the equipment connected, configured, and ready to use, assembly and mounting, installing cable management systems, configuring networks and server systems, and almost anything else you can dream up!
  • Even if you purchased your equipment elsewhere, we can assist with the installation and configuration. We can help with assembly and mounting, configuration of devices, installation of racking and cable management systems, installation of network infrastructure, server and file sharing setup, and anything else you can imagine.

A short list of common technical projects and services we specialize in

  • Multi-Monitor Video Walls (Consulting, Product supply, and Installation services)
  • Digital signage displays and data walls to implement Visual Management techniques
  • Large and small networks
  • Server systems for small and large businesses
  • Network storage solutions, SANs and NAS devices
  • Network and server racking
  • Office PC troubleshooting and repair
  • Installation and configuration of office productivity software (Linux and Microsoft solutions available)
  • Office and industrial workstations, large consoles, and desks
  • Barcode and RFID readers , printers, and software to provide real-time transactions
  • Multi-Carrier shipping solutions, or carrier specific for one clerk or an entire distribution center
  • Design and installation of advanced VOIP phone systems
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and other website services (Specializing in super-fast Local SEO)
  • state-of-the-art video security cameras, equipment and monitoring hardware
  • We can help to find a solution for any business problem whether you are a large company with multiple sites or a small manufacturing facility
  • We specialize in pioneering and developing original IT Projects that are not yet mainstream. In these amazing modern times, we can design and develop just about any concept that you can think up! If you have an original idea for your business, and you wish to make it become a reality, let our Technology Experts help you to acheive your goal!

Product Supply and Sourcing for your IT Project
  • If you are thinking of using our consulting or installation services, but have somewhere else you intend to buy the physical equipment, we encourage you to give us the opportunity to provide you with a lower price! We may even have a better solution that could be less expensive! We have wholesale access to nearly any technology on the market, an can offer extremely competitive prices. When designing cutting edge technical projects with a technology consultant, it is recommended to have the designer/installer provide the hardware and equipment as well. This will ensure that you have everything you need from the beginning, which reduces the probability of incurring unforeseen troubleshooting and equipment costs.
  • If you have a large technical project, and decide to purchase the Hardware and/or Software products from our sales department, you may qualify for discounted, or free IT consulting and/or installation services.
SUPER PC IT Consulting and Installation Services can turn your tech vision into a reality!
Call us Toll-Free at: 1 (877) 320-8502 to speak with one of our Advanced IT Consultants today!
We serve the entire United States and will travel your location for physical hardware/software installation, and On-site IT consulting, when needed for the design and implementation of your project. Our general requirements and rates are listed below. These rates may increase, depending on the size and complexity of your project. However, this will give you a minimum idea of what to expect for your project's budget.

SUPER PC | Multiple Monitor Video Wall Systems
We offer additional Professional Installation Services for all of our Multi-Monitor Video Walls Please don't hesitate to call us at: (877) 320-8502 for the best prices and Free Shipping within the USA!

Our display wall systems are designed to offer the ability to combine multiple lcd screens into one giant
resolution screen. Unlike our standard Multi-Monitor Computer products these systems are configured to allow full screen (across all screens) applications to run easily and more effectively. These multi-lcd wall systems are perfect for creating extra large screens to display video, digital signage, google earth, flight simulators, advertising, powerpoint presentations, art, live shows, hi-res images, and much more!

Multi-LCD Video Walls

NEC X461HB | 46" Screen (Combine up to 100 Displays for a Video Wall)
Our Price: $4,995.95
NEC MultiSync LCD4215 Large Display (Combine up to 4x4 Video Wall)
Our Price: $1,099.99
NEC MultiSync P461 | 2x2x46" | Multi-Monitor LCD Wall | 94" Screen
Our Price: $12,995.95
NEC 82" Large-Screen LCD Monitor in Landscape Orientation
Our Price: $49,995.95
NEC MultiSync LCD3215 Large Display (Combine up to 4x4 Video Wall)
Our Price: $699.99