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Our Multiple Monitor Computer Systems are incredibly priced to compete with ordinary computer systems,
so that you can gain a lot more computer for your money! Personal computers have become so powerful,
that you are simply discarding a large part of your computer system's potential, by using a single monitor.

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SUPER PC | Complete Guide to Choosing a Multi-Monitor Solution!

Common methods used to run Multiple Monitors on a single computer system

There are only two components you will definitely need in order to run multiple monitors on your computer system. You will need to have computer hardware that can support multiple monitors and you will need the monitors. Then, there are other components like Multi-Monitor Desk Stands that are not essential, but will keep your monitor arrangement organized and looking impressive. Using a multi-monitor stand will also allow you to arrange your monitors in vertical levels that you can't achieve with a flat workstation desk.

Click here, if you are interested in learning about Multi-Screen Video Wall Technology.

We have included links throughout this Tutorial that lead to the specified products.

Three Types of Multiple Monitor Hardware:

You will need to have either internal or external computer hardware that can support the amount of displays you wish to use. The absolute best way to support multiple monitors is to have a computer with the proper multi-monitor graphics card configuration that supports the number of monitors that you intend to utilize. Below, we have outlined the three types of hardware options that are available to support multiple screens.

Buy a Multiple Monitor Ready Computer - Although this is is one of the more expensive solutions, this option is recommended for those who need the most stable and reliable solution, with the best performance. It's also the easiest option for the technically challenged. All you have to do is plug your monitors into the back of the computer and turn it on. Then you will go to the "Display Settings" and arrange your monitors with the easy to use graphical interface. Click here to see the Display Settings Instructions. Our SUPER PC brand of multiple monitor computer systems are carefully priced to compete with ordinary computer systems, so you will gain a lot more computer for your money! These days, personal computers have become so powerful, stable, and reliable, that you are simply wasting a large part of your computer's full potential, by using only a single screen.

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Install a Multiple Monitor Graphics Card inside your PC - Most personal computers only support a single monitor. However, you can replace your current graphics card with a multiple monitor graphics card . In order to choose the right video card for your computer, you will need to know what type of video card expansion port your computer has inside. Click here for more information on installing a graphics card!

Use an External Multi-Monitor Display Adapter | Types of Multiple Monitor Display Adapters:

  • Matrox External Multiple Monitor Adapters - Matrox has developed two external multiple monitor adapters in which you can easily add multi displays to your computer. The Matrox DualHead2Go will transform one VGA or DVI output into a dual monitor output. The Matrox TripleHead2Go will allow you to support three monitors. If you are using these adapters with your laptop's external monitor port, you can achieve up to three monitors with the DualHead2Go and up to four monitors with the TripleHead2Go (this includes your laptop screen). Before purchase, use the Matrox Compatibility Tool to determine if these options are compatible with your computer.
  • USB Powered External Display Adapters - Using a USB Display Adapter is the probably the least expensive solution to add an extra monitor to your laptop or PC. You can add an extra screen per adapter you install. You just have to make sure you have enough available USB ports on your computer. This solution is recommended for the casual user who wants to add an extra monitor or two for web surfing, reading documents, and other lower impact activities. This solution, although fairly reliable, is not recommended for the high-end Professional user, or for video and graphic intense environments.
  • External Multiple Monitor Controller Box - This professional solution allows the user to transform a single monitor output into multiple outputs. This is a great solution for everyone, especially for those who wish to have a portable multiple monitor solution that they can use with any computer. This way, you can transfer your monitors or multiple monitor array to any other computer system. For example, you can use it with your desktop at home, but can also take it with you while traveling and use it with your laptop. This solution is also perfect for use as a Video Wall Controller device! These devices are very hard to find, but we carry our own line of these controllers. The SUPER PC EMS Xtreme4VS supports up to Four Screens and the SUPER PC EMS iVu9s can support up to Nine Screens in various formats.

Mounting Multiple LCD Monitors onto a Stand

In order to mount multiple monitors on a stand or on a wall mount, you will need displays that are labeled VESA Mount compatible. This means that your monitor will need to have the four bolt sockets on the back of it in order to mount the monitor to the stand. V.E.S.A. stands for "Video Electronics Standards Association" which means that the electronics and video community has come up with an industry standard for mounting displays, in which all of the manufacturers of those products adhere to. In the case of display mounts, there are two possible mount hole patterns you may have on the back of your monitor. These arrangements are 75mm and 100mm hole patterns. It is not incredibly important for you to know which of these VESA patterns your monitor supports, as long as you can tell that you have the four bolt holes on the back and in the middle. This is because all of the multiple monitor stands that are available on the market are compatible with both the 75mm and 100mm VESA mounting bracket patterns.

If you wish to avoid all of the hassle of finding the right monitors and stand that you will need to setup a multiple monitor display, we conveniently provide you with pre-bundled multiple monitor array packages, which include all of the proper VESA LCD displays, cables, and the appropriate multiple monitor desk stand.