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External Multiple Monitor Controller Box - This professional solution allows the user to transform a single monitor output into multiple outputs. This is a great solution for anyone, but especially for those who wish to have a portable multiple monitor solution that they can use with any computer. This way, you can transfer your monitors or multiple monitor array to any other computer system. For example, you can use it with your desktop at home, but can also take it with you while traveling for use with your laptop. This solution is also perfect for use as a Video Wall Controller device! These devices are very hard to find. But fortunately for those who are interested in this solution, we carry our own line of these products. The SUPER PC EMS Xtreme4VS can support up to four screens and the SUPER PC EMS iVu9s can support up to 9 Screens in various formats.
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1x9 Dual-Link Powered DVI Splitter | Mirror/Clone/Copy one signal on up to Nine Displays
Our Price: $758.00

  • The 1x9 Dual-Link DVI Splitter broadcasts Dual-Link DVI signals from one source to nine DVI displays. This cost effective DVI Splitter is compatible with any computer system that features a DVI output, supports wide frequency range up to 300MHz, and comes with metal housing for excellent RF shielding for dependable signal transmission and efficient cooling for long life. The 1x9 Dual-Link DVI Splitter is the most cost effective and advanced DVI splitter solution available, enabling you to improve, enhance and satisfy your video experience.
SUPER PC Xtreme4vs | Stand Alone Video Wall Controller | Creatively Combine Four Screens!
List Price: $2,299.99
Our Price: $1,588.00
You save $711.99!


  • The SUPER PC Xtreme4vs is a stand alone display wall controller that accepts a single (DVI-D or HDMI) or dual-link DVI input and can flexibly display this across four output monitors.
iVu9s Pro - Stand Alone Video Wall | Multi-Monitor Controller
SUPER PC iVu9s Pro | Stand Alone Video Wall Controller | Combine up to Nine 1080p Screens!
List Price: $3,699.99
Our Price: $2,788.00
Sale Price: $2,488.00
You save $1,211.99!

  • This ultra-high-resolution video controller iVu9pro successfully maintains a 8 megapixel input to 8 megapixel output data flow without any image loss. The multiple output design enables large-screen display solutions through only one video controller, providing a cost-effective advantage. Use up to 9 Screen to create one large screen!