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SUPER PC VC100DUSB-HDMI Video Capture Dongle
Our Price: $388.00

The VC100DUSB video capture dongle can capture various HD and DVI video sources with resolutions up to 1920x1200p @ 60fps. The VC100DUSB-HDMI adopts the USB 3.0 interface, which can realize high-speed transmission. The device gets power from the PC directly and has no need of extra power adapter, which enables it to be carried easily. You can capture high-quality non-compressed 1080 HD video by this mobile capture device.
SUPER PC VC100DUSB-SDI Video Capture Dongle
Our Price: $388.00

VC100DUSB-SDI USB 3.0 Video Capture Dongle - SDI video capture up to 1920*1200p/60
SUPER PC VC006AUSB Image Capture Box
Our Price: $688.00

The VC006AUSB can simultaneously capture 6-channel CVBS and 6-channel
unbalanced stereo audio with each channel at D1/30 fps, no loss of
frames or video tearing and is compatible with PAL and NTSC standards.
It can automatically detect the video standards of input signals without
manual settings. Image Scale and Clipping - The VC006AE-PRO can scale
or clip input signals via applications such as the AMCAP tool.
SUPER PC VC100XUSB-Pro Video Capture Box
Our Price: $788.00

The VC100XUSB-PRO can capture various kinds of SD and HD video signals,
including 3G/HD/SD SDI. You can choose to connect to SDI device, HD
digital devices for DVI, HDMI outputs or analog HD VGA or YPbPr and etc.
You can also connect to SD devices to connect S-video, CVBS and so on.
There wont be any limitation or worries regarding various signal
Matrox MicroQuad SDI to HDMI Multiviewer for 3G / HD / SD Feeds
Our Price: $998.00

The Matrox MicroQuad SDI to HDMI Multiviewer for 3G / HD / SD Feeds, in a body of about 5 x 5", lets you connect four cameras by SDI and then stream all four to share one HDMI monitor at the same time. The monitor will display four quadrants, with each showing one of your camera signals. The signals can be in 3G, HD, or SD format, but must all be of the same. 4K is also supported, via 3G or HD-SDI, and gets downscaled to 1080p. At any moment, you can choose one of the four quadrants to take up the whole screen, and you can toggle between the four in taking up the whole screen.
SUPER PC XtremeRGB-Ex1SIngle Channel (PCIe) HDMI/DVI/VGA Capture Card
List Price: $1,399.99
Our Price: $1,088.00
You save $311.99!

  • The SUPER PC XtremeRGB-Ex1 captures the display output (component HD, HDMI, analog RGB or single link DVI) from one source and then displays it as an independent application on your display screen.  This is done in real time, enabling you to view data from PCs, MACs, industrial/medical equipment, cameras and other video equipment.
SUPER PC VC104XUSB Image Capturing Unit
Our Price: $1,388.00

The VC104XUSB, a multi-channel high-resolution USB 3.0 interface
image capturing unit. Capture 1x DVI 1920x1200x24 bit or VGA 2048x1536
AND 4x Composite PAL/NTSC 768x576, expect unparalleled access to video
and images straight to your desktop computer or Laptop through this
innovation in video and image processing device.
SUPER PC VC200XUSB Video Capture Box
Our Price: $1,388.00

The VC200XUSB can simultanously capture dual HD 1920xx1080p video via the USB 3.0 interface with each channel ot 1920p/60, including DVI, HDMI, VGA, component and composite SD analog signals.
The VC200XUSB can capture and display uncompressed HD and SD images. It supports YUY2, UYVY, RGB24, RGB32, I420 with the best image/video quality. The image/video will be captured as what it is instead of compressing the video and losing or lowering the image quality.
SUPER PC XtremeRGB-Ex2 PCIe HDMI DVI VGA Dual Channel Capture & Streaming Card
List Price: $1,999.99
Our Price: $1,588.00
You save $411.99!

  • The way it works is the SUPER PC XtremeRGB-Ex2 receives the feed from the video source which can be DVI, HDMI, VGA or Component (adapters included) and then the feed is sent to The HD Wave where it is encoded and broadcasted over the internet.  All of this is done in real time and delivering an HD stream from glass to glass in under 3 seconds. Works great for Video Wall Computer Inputs!
SUPER PC XtremeRGB-Ex8 PCIe, 8 x PAL or NTSC Composite or S-Video Capture Card
List Price: $1,899.99
Our Price: $1,699.99
You save $200.00!

The SUPER PC XtremeRGB-Ex8 is an eight channel PCIe capture card and can capture up to 8x 720x576x16bit from eight simultaneous capture channels for real time video overlays.
SUPER PC XtremeVision, Four Port PCIe Graphics/Video Wall Controller
List Price: $1,999.99
Our Price: $1,799.99
You save $200.00!

  • The Super PC X PCI-Express video wall graphics controller offers the ultimate solution for high specification video wall and data walls or multi-screen desktop applications.
SUPER PC XtremeDV-HD2+ Triple Channel PCI Express Capture Card
Our Price: $2,588.00

The XtremeDV-HD2+ is a 4 lane PCI Express capture card with three video capture inputs - two supporting HD capture and a third supporting SD composite video, these three independent video channels can be captured simultaneously. The XtremeDV-HD2+ also adds multiple channels of audio capture, which can be synchronised in software using time stamping with all video capture channels.